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Reading Book (Chinese)

Written by Taiwan on . Reading in Chinese

  過一個有意義的生活 2012/02/02 (中譯) To Lead A Worthy Life (新加坡)
  是誰錯?(1) 2012/02/16 (中譯) Who is Wrong (Part 1) (歐洲) Latvia
  是誰錯?(2) 2012/02/23 (中譯) Who is Wrong (Part 2) (歐洲) Latvia
  負擔的承受者 (1) 2012/04/05 (中譯) Bearers Of The Burden (Part 1) (印尼)
  負擔的承受者 (2) 2012/04/12 (中譯 ) Bearers Of The Burden (Part 2) (印尼)
  負擔的承受者 (3) 2012/04/26 (中譯 ) Bearers Of The Burden (Part 3) (印尼)
  負擔的承受者 (4) 2012/05/03 (中譯 ) Bearers Of The Burden (Part 4) (印尼)
  (問答) 皈依&師生之間 2012/05/10
  天神的三句話 2011/12/25 (中譯) Three Sayings of Deva (印尼)
  天使(上) 2012/06/07 (中譯) Devaduta Sutta (印尼)
  天使(下) 2012/06/10 (中譯) Devaduta Sutta 印尼
  生與死 2011/10/13 (中譯) Birth & Death (印尼)
  如何在日常生活中圓滿巴拉密 2012/01/08 (中譯)
How to fulfill parami in our daily life (緬甸帕奧)


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