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Pali Chanting (Pali)

Written by Bhikkhu Revata on . Myanmar and English Collected Teachings of Dhamma

147 Anekajati_Standard Pali
148 Maha Namakkara_Standard Pali
149 Paritta Parikamma_Standard Pali
150 Mangala Sutta_Standard Pali
151 Ratana Sutta_Standard Pali
152 Metta Sutta_Standard Pali
153 Khandha Sutta_Standard Pali
154 Ratanattayanusati_Standard Pali
155 Pubbanha Sutta_Standard Pali
156 Dhammapada_Standard Pali
157 Patthana_Standard Pali
158 Dhamma-talk Chanting_Myanmese Language
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